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The Rebound (2009)

Telling the story of Aram and his romantic relationship with his neighbor, the film included scenes shot in İstanbul.


Hitman (2007)

Hitman revolves around “Agent 47”, a professional hitman engineered to be an assassin and known only by the last two digits of the barcode on the back of his he


The Net 2.0 (2006)

The story of Hope who arrives in İstanbul after receiving an amazing job offer. Part of the film is set and filmed in İstanbul.


Lempire des Loups-The Empire of the Wolves (2005)

Nerteaux investigates the brutal murders of three Turkish women, illegal immigrants living in the Turkish neighborhood of Paris. Parts of the film were shot in


A Touch of Spice (2003)

A story about Fanis, a Greek man who returns years later to İstanbul, the city he lived as a young man with his grandfather, who was a culinary philosopher and


The Accidental Spy (2001)

Buck follows two suspicious-looking people one day, and ends up in İstanbul via South Korea and İstanbul. The film's Turkish sequences were shot in İstanbul.

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