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The Protector (2019)

The extraordinary tale of an ordinary young man, Hakan, living in a city of 15 million, “Hakan: The Protector” is an action adventure with thriller, romance and


The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman (2019)

Presented by Morgan Freeman and exploring various religions, the third season of the documentary series included scenes filmed in two cities in Türkiye: İstanbu


El Senor De Los Cielos-The Lord Of The Skies/6th Season (2018)

This TV series focused on Aurelio Cassilas, an influential drug trafficker in 1990s Mexico, was partly filmed in Türkiye, capturing scenes from Eminönü, Karaköy


Holiday (2018)

Filmed in Bodrum, Muğla, the film tells the story of an adventurous young woman who meets a poor but honest man while on a luxurious vacation in Bodrum, one of


Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox (2018)

Famed actress Megan Fox investigates ancient sites that represent significant milestones in the mythology and history of mankind, and meets with archeologists a


McMafia (2018)

AMC’s crime, drama and thriller series “McMafia”s Dubai sequences were filmed in İstanbul, thanks to the diverse range of venues and technical capabilities offe


The Trojan War: Myth or Truth (2018)

“The Trojan War: Myth or Truth” episode of the documentary series “Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox” investigates whether the Trojan War was a historical even


American Assassin (2017)

The action-thriller’s Türkiye sequences were shot in the Kennedy Street, Galata Bridge, Eminönü, Beyoğlu and Fatih in İstanbul.


Djam (2017)

Djam, an adventurous young woman, is sent to İstanbul by her uncle, a former sailor and rebetiko singer, on a mission to find a rare replacement part for his bo

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