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Green Yapım

Green Yapım aims to produce and develeop TV series and movies for Turkish and international market. Its knowledgable and experienced team provides production se

Gün Hukuk Bürosu

Gün Hukuk Bürosu was established in 2007 and gives law and consulting services especially about copyrights and works for all actors in the sectors of cinema, TV

Gürsoy Prodüksiyon

Gürsoy Prodüksiyon was established in Kocaeli in 1987. It produces promotional, meeting, training and job security films for industrial organisations and enterp

HANN Media

Hann Media has produced historical documentaries such as "Hi Jolly", "Nuri Paşa: Namlunun Ucunda Bir Hayat" and the movie "Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman" and it c

Harika Uygur Casting Director

In 2000 she established her own Casting Director agency under her name. In 2009, she joined International Casting Directors Network (ICDN), which is affiliated

HukukiBoyut Attorneyship&Consultancy

HukukiBoyut Attorneyship & Consultancy (“HukukiBoyut”) is a boutique Turkish law firm, located in Istanbul. Founded in 2014 by Erdal Aksu and Yunus Çelikbiz

Hüzzam Films

Hüzzam Films was established in 2018 and it carries on the activities for Turkish and foreign TV and film productions.


ICON Talent Management is a casting agency with professional actors/actresses and models since its establishment in 2007 and the number of cast increases day by


Established in 2002, ID, with its extensive portfolio of 50 actors – both established and emerging talent, is pro-active in building their careers by offering t

Inter Medya

Inter Medya is not just a successful and modern content distributor but also a powerful business developer with very strong business relationships and a consult

IPD-Istanbul Post Production Department

IPD-Istanbul Post Production Department is a post-production company with a high capacity technical equipment and installation.

İmaj Group

İmaj Group has been a leading production company in the sector for sound recording and dubbing of TV credits, advertisements, movies, documentaries and works fo

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