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BKM-Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi

BKM was established in 2000. Its first project “Vizontele” was released in February 2001 and it broke box office record in Türkiye. Moreover, having the vision

Blackwell Productions

Blackwell Productions is a production and post-production company.

Boyut Film

Boyut Film produces movies and TV series.


Established in 1997, Calinos Holding does not only aim to serve the best in TV but also in cinema. The company appeals to a large audience with its selection of

CGV Mars Media

CGV Mars Media works under CGV Mars Entertainment Group in order to promote the marketing of Cinemaximum; the biggest chain of movie theaters in Türkiye and to

Chantier Films

Chantier Films, contributes to the improvement of the movie sector by developing different, creative and innovative strategies in the fields of production, mark

Çamaşırhane Film

Çamaşırhane Film is a production company established by Togan Gökbakar in 2012.

Deimos Pictures

Deimos Pictures founded by brothers Uluç Aslan and Uras Aslan. It has two subbrands; YFY Films (Yemen Film Yapım) and Line Production Türkiye. YFY Films is an a

Derin Film

Derin Film provides all services for digital system, projection, equipment, sound system, film production and film distribution.

Digiflame Productions

Digiflame Productions is a production and post-production company.


Piracy is one of the most important threats for the Entertainment Industry. Thanks to DigiGuardians' advanced anti-piracy service, we delete pirate copies all o

Digital Film Center

We offer professional production and post production services for local and foreign productions respectively. We provide services and support for projects with

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